About us

HANGZHOU REDBUD FOUNTAIN LANDSCAPE ENGINEERING CO., LTD(HANGZHOU REDBUD FOUNTAIN ART COMPANY) was established in 2005, it is located beside world famous landscape heritage conservation-HANGZHOU West Lake.Our company deal with project design, installation debugand consult of landscape,fountain,garden, monitoring, sculpture, swimming pool, water treatment, light,sound box, water slide and so on.Our company has department of production display, products production factory,equipment manufacture factory, production test pool.

We have good technical and construction power with 30 engineers and workers. Design  company and project company cooperated with us have professional ability of project drawing, plane design sketch, music fountain and all kinds landscape animation, control software, also pipe installation, electric equipment installation, control installation and debug.

We have control technical of PLC control, normal music control, Chinese and English multi-media music computer software control, multi-language DMX music fountain software control, remote control, lighting control, sound control, infrared ray, microwave, electromagnetic wave control. We design and produce and install all kinds of stainless steel nozzle, brass nozzle, under water LED lamp, all kinds of machinery swing, digital swing, digital curtain, solenoid valve running fountain, frequency conversion running fountain, matrix running fountain, jumping fountain, cold fog, combination nozzle, water screen, projector, laser, ultrasonic wave, fire spray, submersible pump, solar fountain and so on.

Our company has import and export certificate, and has business relationship with 20 provinces in domestic and foreign countries like America, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia, Romania, Bulgaria, German, Denmark, Spain, Russia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Mongolia, South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Syria, Libya, Australia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Israel, India, Thailand, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Pakistan and so on 80 countries. And we have 8 fountain project installations cooperate company in Egypt,Morocco,Russia,Pakistan, Chile, Ecuador, Israel and Romania.